Welcome to Glen Haven Resort Seasonal Camping

Below you will find the policies of the resort. Please, if you have any questions, let us know and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.
We are still going through change and upgrades at the resort and reserve the right to modify/change policies as the need arises.

Trailer Age

New incoming seasonal renters will be required to have a trailer unit with a manufacturing date of no older than 10 years.   Current seasonal renters will be required to have a trailer unit with a manufacturing date of no older than 30 years.  For the 2024 season, trailers with a manufacturing date of 1994 or older will not be permitted in the resort.

Trailer Sales

If you wish to leave the resort, your trailer and all add-ons (deck, shed, etc.) must be removed and taken with you.  The sale of your trailer on site is not permitted.   Site must be cleaned of all garbage and debris.  Extra cleanup required to be done by the resort will result in clean up fees.


Only pre-manufactured sunrooms will be permitted, as approved by resort management.  If you choose to leave the resort, these cannot be sold to another renter to use, the current structure is to be removed with you.  Resort management approval to be obtained for any sunrooms to ensure they meet the standards required.


Any camper wishing to add a shed to their site must get approval from the owners.  Homemade sheds are not permitted, only premanufactured sheds.   Sheds must be kept in good condition and not left in a state of disrepair.

Site Upkeep

The maintenance of the site is the responsibility of the seasonal renters.  It is expected that you will keep your site lawn maintained and cut.  Any gardens, if you wish to add any, should be kept neat and tidy.  Charges could be incurred if your site become unkempt or overgrown and we are required to perform maintenance on your site.  Sites should be kept neat and tidy without debris or garbage strewn about the site.   Sites should be tidied up when you leave it to head back to your homes and especially when shutting down for the season.   Removal of leaves in the fall season are your responsibility.  Ensure the site is cleared at the start of the season.    You can discuss with us what to do with the collected leaves.  We may ask that you bag them up in paper bags or some other solution.

Please be respectful of other camper’s privacy.  Stay on the walkways and driveways and avoid walking on or cutting through other people’s sites to move around the resort.

Site Upgrades

If you wish to make changes to your site (i.e. bring in gravel, add landscaping hardscape features, etc.  Does not include the addition of decks or sheds which do require approval but is not considered a site upgrade) please review any changes you wish to make with resort management for approval.  Please note, any upgrades made to the site cannot be removed should you decide to no longer stay at the resort.

In Resort Transportation

Our priority is the safety of everyone at the resort, the following rules are implemented to ensure that everyone’s visit here maintains that priority.  Vehicle speeds in resort are to be at a crawl for the safety of children and adults who may be moving about the resort.  The use of ATVs are permitted in the resort to get to local trails, etc.  HOWEVER, the use of ATVs is not permitted to move from site to site.  If you wish to use a golf cart or scooter that is permitted.  However, we are a small resort and if you wish to visit your neighbour using your ATV to do so is not permitted.

Vehicles are to stay on the designated roads, unless parked at your site.  Trips in and out of the park should be kept at a minimum in order to protect drainage tile , the safety of people around the park, and maintenance of the grounds/lawns.

Again, we are a small resort and only 2 vehicles per site.  In the event that there is no space for 2 vehicles, we do have other areas that can be used for parking, please just ask and we will direct you.  No parking down the laneway as you enter into the park.  If you are going to have visitors, be sure to account for this maximum to ensure you stay within the 2 vehicle limit.   Using another site’s parking spots is not an option and we will ask you to move your vehicle.


While at your site, pets are to be kept on leash or within the confines of an electric fence.  If your pet seems to escape the electric fence, as is sometimes the case, you will be required to keep your pet on leash.   The boundaries of the electric fence cannot exceed your site boundaries.  Chain-link fencing is not permitted to contain your pet at your site.  If you pet cannot be contained by either electric fencing or a leash, then alternative methods need to be investigated, but fencing in your site is not an option.

While walking around the park, your pet is to be kept on leash at all times.

Clean up after your pet both on your site and when walking your pet.

If multiple occurrences of pets off leash or escaping from the containment system you have at your site,  we reserve the right to restrict you from bringing your pet to the resort.  Any occurrences of your pet attacking other animals or people could result in restriction of your pet coming to the resort.


We only accept household waste which is deposited in the yellow garbage bin near the entrance of the resort.

All paper products should be burned either at your site or at the main fire pit.

ALL other items such as broken chairs, BBQ, appliances, electronics, or other furniture are to be taken to be disposed of at your homes.


Quiet hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.  Noise is to be at a minimum in respect of your fellow campers.


Electricity is at the expense of the seasonal camper.  Each site is metered, billing will occur twice a season for electricity used, mid-season, and end of season.  At the end of season breakers to the campsites will be turned off and remain off until season start up.  Non-payment of electricity fees could result in discontinuance of electricity until such time as the electricity is paid and/or non-renewal of seasonal contract.  If you indicate that you are not returning for the next season, we will be collecting the hydro fees earlier than end of season, plus an estimation to cover estimated hydro costs to ensure payment of hydro.  If the estimation is more than the actual, you will be refunded back the difference.


Anyone over the age of 16 years that is not a resident of your home and is not included on the Licence of Occupation visiting you either for a few minutes/hours or overnight is considered a visitor to the resort and subject to visitor fees.

Visitors must register with the office and pay visitor fees.  They must check in with the office upon arrival. This is not optional. Anyone found to have visitors that have not checked in with the office will have the visitors removed from the property and the camper will be charged double fees for the visitor. If someone comes unexpectedly or only for a short period to help with something (i.e pick up something, help you with something) they must still check in with the office, it is up to you to ensure that this happens.

Other Rules


Prior to launching your boats at the launch, ensure that the boats underside has been cleaned to ensure no lake to lake cross-contamination.

Boats at the dock are the property of the boat’s owner, please stay away other people’s boats

All boats are to be docked at the main docks.  There is to be no fishing from the boat docks.

Boats may be stored at your site over the winter – however, they cannot be left in such a manner as to inhibit snow removal, winter site maintenance, etc.  Boats left on site over the winter is at the discretion of the boat owner and Glen Haven Resort is not liable for any damages that may occur over the winter.  Boats cannot be left anywhere else in the park unless approval is obtained by the owners, the boats left in unauthorized areas will either be removed or storage fees will be incurred.

There will be no storage any of boat items on in entrance area to the docks or anywhere around the docks. Covers, seats, etc. are to be stored at your site or homes.

Boats must be removed from the site within two weeks after the docks have been put out for the spring.  Boats cannot remain on site after this time, that is from the period of the resort opening date to resort closing date.  If there is an issue with the boat, boats cannot be left on site for repairs.


Firewood is to be sourced locally in order to reduce the risk of the introduction of pests from other areas.

Site Parking

Only 2 vehicles per site.  In the event that there is no space for 2 vehicles, we do have other areas that can be used for parking, please just ask and we will direct you.  No parking down the laneway as you enter into the park.  If you are going to have visitors, be sure to account for this maximum to ensure you stay within the 2 vehicle limit.   Using another site’s parking spots is not an option or taking up space that is not part of your site (main laneways, access to other sites, etc.) and we will ask you to move your vehicle.


You are not permitted to cut down live trees or tree limbs.  If you need to remove a tree or tree limb, you must speak with the owners and if agreeable to us, we will remove the tree.

Please be respectful of others in the resort, both seasonal and cottage renters.

No fireworks to be set off by campers.  Any firework demonstrations will be provided by Glen Haven Resort only.

Please ensure children are supervised at all times.  Use of the beach is at the discretion of the campers.  Glen Haven Resort is not liable for any injuries that occur.

All in-resort social events will be organized by resort management, if you have an idea of an event you’d like to see happen, please let us know and we will work on arrangements.

End of Season

At the end of the season:

  • Ensure all site debris is picked up and lawn, firepits, etc. are clean
  • Be sure propane tanks are turned off
  • Be sure water is turned off
  • Disconnect electric
  • Please put your furniture away, so that it’s not susceptible to being turned over by wind or damaged by snow or possible falling tree limbs
  • Please clear up gardens, etc. of any decorations. We will be doing off season maintenance and need to be able to clear without having to work around lawn/garden ornaments.